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This Covington, GA home’s dramatic transformation is such a perfect representation of the work we do here at Chambless Hall Design + Construction.

Built in the late 1970s, this home had been in our client’s family for decades. It held many fond memories of bringing her family to visit her grandparents. It took a lot of work, tons of creativity, and a renovation on a grand scale, but we completely redesigned the home to fit our client’s personal tastes and modern lifestyle.

When we took on her project, the family property didn’t meet our client’s needs at all. Our design know-how came into play right from the start as we worked to update the spaces not only cosmetically, but also functionally.

Though our client was sentimental about the original living room’s stone fireplace, its dark, dated appearance was undeniable.

We completely transformed the existing stone fireplace, updating it with fresh paint and accessories and converting the original living room into a new, modern dining room.

Our design-build approach allowed us to start this project by thinking about how our client wanted to live in her home after the renovation. From overall space layouts and structural changes right down to where to locate outlets for lamps and phone chargers, we made sure to think of everything before construction ever began.


We incorporated the back side of the stone fireplace–originally in the home’s garage–into the new, beautifully appointed living room as a feature wall.

We completely enclosed the old garage and turned it into a beautiful living room, adding to the home’s square footage. If you didn’t know better, you’d never guess this beautiful space was originally the garage!

We then turned the former living room into a new dining room, incorporating the stone fireplace, which our client was particularly sentimental about. It ended up being the only original interior feature we retained, and she was thrilled we were able to keep it–complete with its wood shelves–while also upgrading it with some fresh paint and an updated design (we keep amazing craftspeople on our team to ensure every detail is executed with expert care and this fireplace is proof of how great they are!).

You can see from the before of the exterior back of the home how small and dark the house was originally. We added a sunroom onto the back of the house, as well as a new detached garage. It’s amazing how much those two additions expanded the home’s footprint!

This view of the original exterior highlights how small and dark the home was from the back before we worked our magic on the property.

A coat of bright white paint, plus a new sunroom and detached garage utterly transformed the look and feel of the home’s exterior.

Every renovation has its own unique set of challenges and opportunities and this one was no exception. But because renovations have always been our bread and butter, we’re well-versed in knowing what to expect and were able to provide our client with expert guidance in transforming the family property into the home of her dreams while honoring the happy memories of her family’s past there.

If you’re looking for trustworthy guidance and expert execution for a renovation, new construction, and/or furnishing project of your own, we’re here to help! Just fill out our contact form or reach out to us at